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Watch a homeless tent city in Camden, N.J. get bulldozed

Homeless Man Had One Request to Police…”Can I Watch?”

Homeless Man Had One Request to Police..."Can I Watch?"
When you drive the homeless out of town, where do you expect them to go? A homeless man watching his home in the woods for years be destroyed by police had one request: “Can I watch?”
Homelessness is not a new problem in the United States. It amazes me, that despite statistics that homelessness was up 12% in 2008, 13% in 2009, 10% in 2010, 11% in 2011, 9.9% in 2012, and 9.8% in 2013, that our government is claiming economic recovery is working because they added 3.8% to shelter capacity and increased SSI and medical care to illegal aliens.
Last year I proved that “shelter capacity” came from the use of FEMA Camps for the homeless. In fact, the publicity from that article became such a media storm that the city of Colombia, South Carolina, had to alter their plans to use a 250 bed FEMA camp specifically to get rid of the homeless.
Now, we are bringing in illegals and housing them in facilities that we wanted to house the homeless, leaving them out on the streets?
Here are the facts: since 2011, the city of Boston is moving its homeless out of the city into what they call HOME Base near Salem away from the city. People in Southern California were getting concerned about the homeless disappearing off the streets.
Most of the homeless in places like Sacramento are taken and driven out of town to tent cities. They have made it a crime to be homeless and round them up and move them there. They are guarded, and people have hotlines to call if they spot a homeless person. They ship them out and place them in these camps. They are not permitted to leave and they are not permitted to wander the streets of the bigger cities without a permit. If that is not a determent camp, I don’t know what is.
They are moving to make it a crime to be homeless in Miami as well. Where are they putting the people from these “round ups”?
Now, they go and bulldoze a house of a homeless man that had been living in the woods for years.
Sam had one request of police when they went to “evict” him and destroy his home: “Can I watch?”
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The police granted his request, and the one minute film is devastating for anyone with a heart.

One person reported on the eviction:
“I was present the day Sam’s home was demolished, and it was heartbreaking.
It was not just the process of watching the machines tear it down. It was the knowledge that home is much more than just a roof and four walls. Home is a feeling of acceptance, safety, belonging, and dignity that most of us completely take for granted. And I wept as people I call my friends were systematically stripped of those things. Sam and others like him deserve so much better – much more than temporary band-aid fixes, and much more than the callous disregard for their humanity as demonstrated by the Township of Lakewood.” ~Lisa
Stories like Sam’s are not isolated occurrences. Just this year, Camden, New Jersey, put out an  “eviction” and demolishing a tent city. They even broadcast it on CNN as “Watch a homeless tent city get bulldozed”.
I will not pull any punches on this one. With over 10.2% of homes in America vacant, we areevicting a disabled veteran who lived there 61 years because a bank changed the terms mid-loan. We have 3.5 million homeless, but we have 18.5 million vacation homes and homes in Detroit being sold for a dollar. We have Mega-churches making the news for having $600 thousand dollars stolen in one weekend. Have Americans became this heartless when we are all one bad investment away from being there ourselves?
Rounding them up and stuffing them in camps is not the answer. Getting rid of the “undesirables” doesn’t make you more humane. There are several individuals that have warned over the years that this would happen. If we do not find humanity in our hearts, when does the the madness stop?
This is almost like the 1940′s rounding up of the undesirables happening right before our very eyes. The only thing different is that this is the United States and not Nazi Germany. We can make a difference. We’re better than that, or at least we used to be.

Watch a homeless tent city in Camden, N.J. get bulldozed

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