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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Subway, Kraft Singles & Hot Pockets

jon stewart

View this video here:  http://foodbabe.com/daily-show-jon-stewart-covers-work/

Dr. Mercola Interviews Vani Hari, "The Food Babe"

Welcome to NationSwell

This Guy Was Shocked At The Amount Of Food His College Cafeteria Threw Away. So He Did Something.

This guy saw a huge amount of senseless waste and wasn't very fond of it. So he found a way to use it and help a whole lot of people. It's a simple concept, and yet nobody was doing it. What a difference people can make.

Want to get involved and help keep perfectly good food out of the trash? You can make it happen on your campus. Visit Food Recovery Network's Start a Chapter page for more info.

IN PLAIN SIGHT (official trailer) with Natalie Grant

To be distributed by Word Entertainment in October 2014, IN PLAIN SIGHT is a three-part campaign (in association with Abolition International) to help stop sex trafficking in the United States.

  • An eye-opening documentary featuring six extraordinary women (and the organizations they lead) who work passionately to care for survivors and stop sex trafficking in the United States. We've already filmed in NashvilleBaltimoreWashington DCLittle Rock, andSacramento, and we had the honor of helping rescue a woman who was first sold by her mother at age 8. We'll complete filming in Houston and Dallas in late February. You will be incredibly inspired by each non-profit leader, numerous survivors, and the law enforcement officers working in each of these cities. This is NOT just another depressing sex trafficking documentary. We are focused on the power of hope, the people who are making a difference, and the transformational stories that are emerging. (Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant)

  • An engaging 31 day devotional / small group study guide on God's heart for the vulnerable and broken within our world. While the topic of "sex trafficking" will be interwoven, our greatest desire is that this study guide will rally a generation to rise up and take action on behalf of any vulnerable men, women, and children in our world who are being exploited. (Co-authored by Stacia Freeman of Abolition International and David Trotter)
  • An inspiring music album comprised of favorite hymns of the faith from well-known artists who turn our attention to the Source of hope and healing needed to overcome the darkness of sex trafficking in the US. Proceeds from the sale of the album to benefit Abolition International(Executive produced by Randy Williams)

After raising nearly $45,000 in 2013, we have just enough money to finish filming the documentary, but we STILL NEED $40,000 for all post-production of the the film and music album. Without the rest of the funds, we will be unable to launch the campaign in October 2014. 
Here's how the $40,000 will enable us to finish and launch!
1. Equipment and rental fees - already paid
2. Travel for a team of three to seven US cities - already paid
3. Filming of powerful stories at six non-profits - already paid
4. Production of trailer - already paid
5. Editing of entire film6. Music supervision / composition7. Motion graphics8. Color correction9. Sound design10. DVD authoring11. Travel to Baltimore (follow-up filming) and Nashville (voiceover recording)
1. Project management (to acquire all tracks)
2. Mastering of album

1. No hard costs associated with the writing of the book.

1. Natalie Grant (executive producer and narrator of the film) is not being compensated.
2. David Trotter (co-executive producer of the film / music album and co-author of the book) is not being compensated.
3. There is no cost associated with the graphic design on any of the three resources due to pro bono work of 8TRACKstudios.

There are three phases to the launch of the campaign...
PHASE 1 - THREE RESOURCES AVAILABLE (October 2014)All three resources (documentary, music album, and 31 day devotional / small group study guide) will be available on October 4th, 2014, in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon.com. In addition, the film and music album will be available on iTunes, and the film will be released on Netflix in late 2015.
PHASE 2 - FILM PREMIERES in 7 CITIES (October 2014)
In October 2014, film premieres will be held in Nashville, Baltimore, Little Rock, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, and Orange County, CA. Each premiere will be hosted by the non-profit featured in the film from that particular city, and the event will function as a fundraiser for their work.
For National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January 2015, our goal is for over 100 organizations to host a screening of IN PLAIN SIGHT and raise money for one of the six non-profits featured in the film.

Through an eye-opening documentary, inspiring worship album, and engaging 31-day devotional & group study guide, we will...
  • Inform Americans that sex trafficking is happening in their city in plain sight.
  • Profile five freedom-giving non-profits who are doing tremendous work in both rescuing and caring for victims of sex trafficking.
  • Rally a generation of abolitionists to rise up and take action on behalf of women and children who are being exploited.
  • Fund the work of Abolition International in their effort to bring hope and freedom to victims of sexual slavery. 

It’s common knowledge that sex is used to sell products and services, but did you know that sex (itself) is being sold on a daily basisin your city? You may not see a prostitute walking down your street or a pimp going door to door offering her services, but it’s happening in plain sight whether you realize it or not.

While the image of a pimp and prostitute have been glamorized through movies such as “Pretty Woman” and “Hustle & Flow”, there is nothing beautiful about the dark underbelly of the sex industry.

Maybe you’ve heard the term sex trafficking.
It’s simply a politically-correct way of saying sexual slavery.

While public slavery in the United States is over, there is still a large market for buying and selling women and childrenin your city. It’s being sold through ads in the back weekly newspapers, posts on Craigslist.com and Backpage.com, at massage parlors, via escort services, at truck stops, and at a motel you drive by on a daily basis.

This is not just an "international" issue.

IN PLAIN SIGHT seeks to raise awareness of the thousands of women and children who are forced, coerced, or deceived into the commercial sex trade each year in the United States. Through the mediums of a documentary film, an accompanying music album, and a 31 day devotional / small group study guide, we will open the eyes of the average American to what’s happening “in plain sight” – the exploitation of thousands of people in their own communities without them even being aware.
Most Americans are completely oblivious to the fact that thousands of women and children are enslaved within their own communities. This isn’t limited to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. We’re talking about cities across America – from Sacramento to Little Rock to Baltimore – where the unthinkable is happening “in plain sight.”
More info: www.inplainsightfilm.com

    1. CONTRIBUTE NOW - We need to raise at least $40,000 to finish the documentary and music album, and we would be honored by your support. As a small "thank you" for your contribution, we've listed a number of "perks" on the right column. Every dollar counts!
    2. SPREAD THE WORD - Tell your friends about IN PLAIN SIGHT and our campaign to raise $40,000 within 30 days. Post a link to this page on Facebook or Twitter. Write about it on your blog. Post an image on Instagram. Your friends need to know about this project and how they can participate.

    Documentary: Executive Producer & Narrator

    Grammy nominated Natalie Grant is a powerhouse vocalist, heart-gripping songwriter, and charismatic performer. She has consistently remained one of the top selling Christian artists and has sold well over a million records. The Gospel Music Association named her the 2012 Female Vocalist of the Year, an honor that she’s received 5 times.

    Beyond her artistry, she is an outspoken advocate for victims of human trafficking. In 2005, Natalie founded the organization Abolition International which is committed to providing quality restorative aftercare to trafficking victims both domestically and internationally.

    More info: nataliegrant.com


    Project: Executive Producer & Co-AuthorBased in Orange County, California, David Trotter is passionate about inspiring you to leverage your life for the good of others. As a documentary filmmaker, speaker, and writer, he shares his own journey in creative ways in order to compel people to take positive action in their world.

    David is the Executive Producer and Co-host of MOTHER INDIA: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan – Best Short Documentary at the 2012 San Diego Christian Film Festival.

    Prior to 15 years of non-profit leadership experience, David attended Vanguard University (BA) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MA). He has been married to Laura for over 19 years, and they have two children.

    More info: davidtrotter.tv

    Music Album: Executive ProducerAs president of Williams Creative, Randy has extensive experience in the music industry, and we're honored to have him producing the IN PLAIN SIGHT album.

    With over 17 years as a touring musician, he was member of Grammy and Dove-nominated Big Tent Revival as well as music director for Jeremy Camp for six years.

    More info: Linkedin


    Project: Senior ProducerKim DeAllen is a philanthropist with a heart for creating sustainable solutions against injustice. She is the Founder of Rehostar Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing inequalities in health, education and economics in Rehoboth, Namibia. Kim received her Bachelor’s degree in Film/TV as well as her Master’s degree in Education from Chapman University and went on to study Corporate Social Responsibility at Harvard Business School.  
    With an extensive background in production, Kim has worked on some of the most recognizable television shows in recent history for Warner Bros., Telepictures, and Universal Television. During her time in Hollywood, she felt compelled to serve in sub-sahara Africa and found work that resonated with her soul. She went on to found Rehostar Inc., to continue the work of feeding, educating and empowering the people of Rehoboth, Namibia. During this effort, DeAllen had the opportunity to work with visionary leaders: Paul Makarechian of Makar Properties, where DeAllen was the Director of Corporate and Community Relations and then most recently with Michael Davidson as Regional Director of Orange County for Gen Next, an exclusive organization of successful individuals dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the most pressing challenges facing future generations.

    Kim’s passion for the oppressed and broken extends into her volunteer roles in the community whether serving at the Lighthouse shelter in Costa Mesa, serving on the Olive Crest event committee, or with Miracles for Kids. Originally from Greenwood Village, CO, Kim currently resides in Orange County, CA with her husband Kevin and their 5 children.


    Documentary: Director & Cinematographer
    Noah Lamberth is a filmmaker who travels the world capturing unique stories. Not only has he produced promotional videos for world-famous corporations, but he often works with world-class performers.

    Noah is the Director and Cinematographer of MOTHER INDIA: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan.

    When he’s not shooting around the globe, Noah lives in Los Angeles, California.

    More info: noahlamberth.com

    Documentary: Co-Producer & Writer
    With over 20 years of film and television production experience,Troy Lamberth is currently the Executive Producer of Haven Today Radio and Adjunct Professor of Communication Arts at Providence Christian College in Pasadena, California.

    Troy is the Co-Producer of MOTHER INDIA: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan.

    After graduating from California Baptist University, he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and TV Production from Chapman University. Troy has been married for eight years to his wife, Melissa, and they have three, young children.

    Documentary: Music Supervisor & Composer
    Tony Guerrero has established himself in a variety of areas over the last twenty years. His work as a contemporary jazz flugelhornist, trumpeter, composer and producer has garnered him both critical success and a world-wide audience. He has toured the United States and much of the world as a headliner in major jazz festivals, concert venues, and clubs and has enjoyed commercial radio success not only with his own releases but with music he has written for other artists. To date, he has released 9 solo CDs as well as a variety of special releases and has appeared on countless other artist’s recordings (trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, guitar, producer, composer, arranger and more). His latest CD, “Blue Room”, has received numerous rave reviews and substantial radio airplay around the country, spending nearly six solid months on the National Jazz Charts.

    From 1999-2010, Tony served as a Music Director and as the Director of Creative Arts at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California (Rick Warren, Senior Pastor), where he worked with literally hundreds of musicians and singers on everything from weekly services to recordings to concerts.

    Tony and his wife, Candice, live in Orange County, CA, with their daughter, Ella, and son, Nico.

    More info: tonyguerrero.com

    Devotional & Study Guide: Co-Author
    Stacia Freeman is the President and Executive Director of Abolition International, a position she has held since July, 2006. Prior to her work at AI, Stacia worked in the pediatric healthcare field in research and development working with leaders in the medical field to promote early identification of hearing loss in children.

    Along with Dr Jeff Barrows, Stacia co-founded the Abolition International Shelter Association to promote quality restoration and create a network of service providers. The association currently has 28 members providing care around the world. Stacia believes that every individual who has been a victim of sex trafficking and exploitation deserves the best opportunity for healing and success and that the opportunity exists through partnership and joint efforts to address the continuity of care one community at a time.

    Documentary: Music Supervisor & Composer
    Austin Thompson, born into a family of a preacher and a producer, pursued his passion for filmmaking. He has traveled the world using his creative eye to capture life’s moments in an unique way. . When he’s not traveling, Austin is the lead editor/cinematographer for Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, and also, loves filming/editing weddings and other projects too.

    More info: arexfilms.com

    Created By:

    Episode 005 “How a US Family Moved to Cambodia to Help Sex Trafficking Victims Dream Again” James Pond

    Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter

    James Pond – Transitions Global

    Welcome to the “Awaken Our Lives with David Trotter” podcast. Although I wear many hats in this season of life, I’m finding that Social Transformation Tour Guide may fit the best. As a filmmaker, writer, speaker, and , I’m drawn to social issues that need more awareness in our world. Ultimately, I’m passionate about inspiring people to take action in a that capture’s their heart.
    As many of you know, my current focus is on the IN PLAIN SIGHT campaign to help sex trafficking in the United States. We are working in concert with Abolition International, and the resources will be released by Word Entertainment in the Fall of 2014. As part of this project, I’m co-executive producing a documentary film and music album as well as co-authoring a 31 day group study guide. In the process, I’m meeting many leaders who are working to eradicate this issue, and I want to introduce you to some of them in the weeks ahead. 
    James Pond - Transitions GlobalTODAY’S GUEST: James Pond - Transitions GlobalHe is the founder and CEO of Transitions Global, and his family has been working in Cambodia on the issue of sex trafficking since 2004. Transitions Global provides survivors of sexual trafficking the opportunity to heal and recapture the most basic of human rights, freedom, and hope. They work with Cambodian and Vietnamese girls (13-18 years old) in a holistic, innovative program that helps to restore their lives through the power of a dream.
    Our team met James in Nashville, Tennessee, several weeks ago, and I wanted you to hear how US cities are reaching out to him in order to provide analysis of how they are handling the issue of sex trafficking and consulting on how the city can become more effective.
    - See more at: http://www.inplainsightfilm.com/episode-005-how-family-moved-cambodia-sex-trafficking-victims-dream-againjames-pond-transitions-global/#sthash.jwRzjE1S.MGlj8vOI.dpuf

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